Wednesday, October 5, 2016

ECW - big or small?

A little while ago I picked up a 10mm ECW starter kit from Pendraken - enough figs for a few regiments of pike and shot, a few cavalry, and some artillery. I painted a regiment of foot over the weekend and here they are:

I like them - and I like the small footprint. They are based on an 80mm frontage.

The picture below compares them with a similar sized (in figs) unit of 28mm Warlord troops which have a frontage of 180mm:

As much as I enjoy painting 28s - and they sure look great - the problem with them for ECW is the size of each unit. I can only really play on a 6 x 4 table - with each regiment taking up more than half a foot of frontage - there is only so many units I can get on the field before it just gets too crowded.

Now my decision is whether I take the plunge and go for 10mm in a serious way... but I have three complete 28mm ECW armies on the shelf at home now.

Any thoughts?


  1. Well, I have to say that base of 10mm figs really does it for me, but I do prefer the smaller sizes so am biased!

  2. Yes - 9 pike and 16 shot - was how the arithmetic of the package works out to make 5 complete regiment bases. I could probably go to 12 pike by adding another rank, might look better actually. Or with a bit of a squeeze make it 12 or 16 pike by adding another file or file and rank if I had more pike figs.

    Thanks - Dave

  3. Well Dave I see 2 options with your conundrum. 1 - come play on a 5' x 8' Ping pong table at my place or 2 - use those 28mm figures in trade for more 1/72nd scale stuff. Either works for me Mwhahahahaha!

  4. Terry - the "more stuff" is the heart of the problem!

    One of the advantages of 10mm ... it doesn't feel like more stuff - it's downsizing! Provided of course, the bigger stuff gets moved out ... now that's another problem. Can I bear to part with it??

    1. That is indeed the big question..not just the parting with it, but getting the value it deserves. I know your drawn towards the smaller scales as many of the games you bring out show. I just seem to have gone the opposite way to 28mm, but then I like skirmish games.

  5. Sweet. The 10mm base really looks like a unit.

  6. Hi Dave - just going through some of your older posts that I missed and came across this one (I was looking through the ECW posts becuase that's what I'm working on now).

    I know I'm a bit late to the conversation, but I really like the look of the 10mm stuff - it really looks like a regiment formed up for BATTLE!

    Personally I have tried to stick to just one scale (28mm) - partly because I thought it was daft having the same forces in multiple scales, but mostly because I am just not fond of painting the wee figures and the painting is half the hobby for me - probably MORE than half, I mean, I have tonnes of figures I've painted up just for fun that I know I'll never use in a game... (Well, maybe not tonnes... at least a few dozen kilograms....). For a number of periods I do have figures based individually for skirmishy games and figures crammed onto multifigure bases for large battle games. But by large battle I don't necessarily mean LOADS of figures and units - I mean a game that represents a larger battle. I tend to use DBA type to play out larger battles (though I do put more figures on each element base to make them look a little more like "units").

    I don't know where I'm going with this...?

    I guess if you dig painting the wee guys maybe use those for your big battle games and keep the 28s for more skirmishy scale games like Pikeman's Lament? Whatever you decide I hope you get back to painting more of these as I'm excited to see where you go with this.