Wednesday, December 21, 2016

NVA heavy weapons company

The last of my 15mm Vietnam troops - here we have a heavy weapons company  with heavy mortars, recoilless rifles and anti-anticraft mounted HMGs. Battlefront figures again.


  1. Great basing and I like the red stars on the helmets.

  2. Those look great, Dave! Are you planning to use them with Battlefront's Vietnam game (I can't remember what it's called) or something else?

  3. Thanks guys - well, those are red blobs sculpted to represent the helmet stars - scaled up they would look like headlamps but you get the picture!

    Tim - I'm not a fan of Flames of War although Team Yankee is much better because it is considerably streamlined - so that might be a possibility. I have also run a Bolt Action Vietnam variant that seemed to work, so that might be the trick. But to be honest - I'm still looking for a company level game that suits the modern era. I find Force on Force unplayable as written.