Sunday, February 12, 2017

Western Desert microarmour

I've had a lot of refurbished microarmour sitting by my bench for months - well I decided to get it done.

Here is a whack of Bishop SP guns, Shermans, Matildas and some Stuarts that I picked up in a big job lot. I stripped them all and repainted them in a very light stone with faded caunter on the Stuarts.

I am also doing some infantry and couldn't decide whether to do classic faded khaki-beige or wool uniform. So there are a couple of test stands in the pictures. What do you think?


  1. These looks great and the bases are awesome. I'm partial to the wool uniforms because of the greater contrast. Basically I can see the figures better. I imagine the figures might prefer to wear khaki-beige... .

  2. Awesome! I could go either way on the uniform colour. Perhaps a mix?