Saturday, July 15, 2017

Catachan jungle commandos and Austrians done

After yet another work trip away from home for a week, I finished off the remaining 10mm Austrians (generals and artillery) and French generals for the CCN Aspern & Essling project and a squad of Catachan jungle fighter veterans for 40k. My plan for these guys is to build an Astra Militarum 50 PL vanguard force, and the Catachan veterans will ride a Valkyrie battle taxi to be dropped in the enemy rear or near an objective. Two flamers gives them a close range punch against enemy infantry - but mobility is the their main asset once I acquire a Valkyrie.



  1. Death-From-Above Catachans! Love it!

    I always felt Catachans really riffed on the look of 80s Vietnam movies - so airmobile Catachans are a brilliant idea. You'll have to play Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries while you're deploying them!

    Wargames Illustrated recently did a Colonel Killgore figure for their Giants in Miniature line - maybe you need to get one of those and carve off the M16 and replace it a lasgun.

    Or have some of the Catachans carrying surfboards!

    Anyway, Catachans look great, Dave!

    (and the Austrians too!)

  2. Tim - you got exactly what I was thinking! Especially the Wagner part!

    Thanks guys - DC