Monday, August 7, 2017

Well, I've done a bunch of stuff over the last 2 weeks, starting with moving into a new hobby space now that the kids have outgrown their play room. This is awesome...

I completed a Valkyrie for my Astra 40k army - cool model!

Knocked off a couple of 1/72 StuGs in between projects

 Then just finished a pair of Battlefront Mi-24 Hinds and troop of BRDMs in 15mm for my Cold War project - inspired by recently receiving my 4 CMBG Canadians from ArmiesArmy

Here they are with the rest of my Soviets 


  1. Looking good Dave, how large is the table in 'your' new space? Nice work on the Warsaw Pact forces.

  2. Thanks guys - Canadians on the way next!