Friday, June 29, 2018

Last of the Flames of War Afrika Korps lot - and a few Yanks

Here are the remaining Pz III and IVs - plastic models by Battlefront:

 And I also picked up some very cheap PSC Shermans at a FLGS ($11 for 5?!) which I painted as well. The plastic PSC is in front - the one with the cast hull (the others with cast hulls are metals that I got from a mate - not sure of manufacturer, but they are quite crisp). So.... after picking up these guys I guess I will do a US army to fight the Jerries at Kasserine a few times... so maybe will buy some more Yanks to fill out a US army (more to come on this...)


  1. The Germans tanks look amazing!

  2. Thanks guys!

    Lest I forget - the german tanks are undercoated white, airbrushed DAK sand, washed Citadel sepia (by accident - I meant to use earth), drybrushed DAK again then washed in earth (on purpose this time) then drybrushed in dry dust. The two washes give more wash depth than I would normally see.