Monday, March 11, 2019

Reaper Bones for KoW and Titans

I took a break from ECW for a week to paint up some of my Reaper Bones models for Kings of War armies. Including some translucent Barry Whites for my Undead army:

A couple of There Wolfs - I need a couple more to make this a Horde strength unit.

And a couple of Cloud/Storm Giants. 

And also Adeptus Titanicus strategem markers:

Which reminds me that I forgot to post my completed AT Warlord Titan and maniple of Legio Ignatum now complete:

Meet Polistes Rex, fully magnetized and armed with two volcano cannons:

Battle maniple of the Legio Ignatum - yes I have left the bases plain because I don't have the stuff to do them justice:


  1. Oh my! Those titans look amazing!

    (The Bones stuff is pretty fab too!)

  2. Thanks Tim - of course they are puny compared to yours!