Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Starting with some new additions to my late war FOW Germans - recon platoon assets including Sdkfz 250 mortars, Sdkfz 7.5cm support and Sdkfz 250 HQ.


 Then reinforcements for my Cadian 40k army - now enough flashlights for a brigade.

Some Bolt Action Brits from Crusader I had kicking around and just decided to do:

And my Aeronautica Imperialis Orks - love these guys!

I used a wide array of colours - because they are Orks..

Red goes faster

Green is obligatory

And some Imperials


  1. Dave, you got into AI? How do the miniatures look? Do you have any original Epic miniatures for a size comparison?

  2. Sorry Chen - only just saw your comment. These are roughly 8mm scale so about 25% larger (and considerably more massive) than Epic stuff.