Sunday, February 23, 2020

Lots of different stuff!

Last couple of weeks has seen a pretty eclectic variety of stuff coming off the bench.

Starting with a Dreadnought and a Devastator squad armed with converted lascannons for my Imperial Fists army

Water elementals for my Kings of War Forces of Nature army

Characters and a Venerable Dreadnought to lead the Imperial Fists

 And lately a plunge back into 10mm Napoleonics - 95th Rifles by Pendraken, some Magister Militum skirmisher stands, and French line and artillery by GHQ. The GHQ figs are very nice but considerably finer and smaller than Magister Militum or Pendraken..

And finally my warband of Untamed Beasts for WarCry - these guys were made for GW Contrast paints!


  1. Nice output Dave! Looks like you will be heading out to buy more paint at this rate!

  2. Well, maybe not, it's a whole month of output...