Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dacians first blooding

Dacians won 2 and lost one against Thracians today. First game, Mark tried to outflank me with his cavalry then ran out of pips in a bad position and got picked off. Second game, very early on my general led an advance into the Thracians, but because he is warband, was forced to advance ahead of the main army. He got killed (doubled) on a 4-3 counterattack ( I rolled a 2 to Mark's 6). I was very cheesed off, but got it back in the third game when Mark outflanked me, then rolled three consecutive 1s in combats costing him 4 elements and his general. Wow. DBA is such a stochastic game. I reckon even the best players must lose 1/3 of the time to cruel twists of the dice.

Lessons learned?
- warband are great for getting in contact and making overlaps, but the mandatory advance can pull you out of position and leave you vulnerable to counterattacks.
- a warband general is deadly to both sides.
- Dacians have some good hitting power, but can be outmanouvered by Ax armies in bad going or cavalry armies in good. This is a tricky army to play well.
- Roll 6s. Don't roll 1s. For real.

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