Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dacians for DBA

This week I completed a 15mm Dacian DBA army (II/52). The figures are from Old Glory and they are not bad. I like some of the animation and I think they look the part. The army consists of 1 x 3Cv or 1 x 4Wb General:
1 x 2 LH:
6 x 3 Wb:
Warbands in close, the shield transfers are from venividivici:
1 x 3Bd, these are of course the falx-bearing Bastarnae: 2 x 2Ps:
and the last element is either another 3Bd or 3Kn or 2Ps:

I would likely field either the Bd or the Kn option, and I like mounted generals (3Cv) so in either of those configurations we have an army that can fight in bad going (8 elements of Wb and Ps) and in some good going (Cv, Lh, Kn, Bd). With Ag:1 Hilly it means more often than not, we defend hilly terrain.

This will be my first try at a bad-going army, we'll see how they fare. I am a little concerned that they will fall short of beating either a mounted army in good going or a better configured mountain army with lots of Aux, so this could be a hybrid that doesn't work. On the other hand, it should have some chance of winning no matter what.

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