Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First blood spilt for the Achaemenids

and it was mostly Persian. We fought three battles at tonight's EDBAG. Game 1 was a closely fought contest against Ancient Spaniards, it was tied 2-2 with both armies failing to turn the opposing weak side, his general charges my general, both cavalry and both overlapped, so +3:+3. I roll a 1, he rolls a 6. Game over. Obviously, 3:3 is a deadly match-up for my generals (ahem).

Second game saw another Ancient Spanish army that I managed to decapitate by running straight at his general hemmed in by bad going along the flank. OK, so that ploy worked, we can beat these Spaniards if the dice cooperate...

Then we run into Kushites, heavy foot army with bow and and elephant. Bad match-up for Persians since his terrain choice is mostly open. However, we manage to get cavalry and auxilia on the bow in good going, which is our only chance to win. The first combats see 4 dead Persian elements following some very poor dice rolling.

Yech. As prophesized, off to a losing record. I need some new dice....

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