Sunday, July 4, 2010

I just finished most of an early Achaemenid army for DBA (I/60c). It is "most of" because the army pack was short a few elements (Ax, 2Ps and Hd) so I am waiting for Gord from Sentrybox to send me some blisters to fill in the missing guys.

The army consists of 2 sparabara (8Bw)

Up to 2 Immortals (4Bw):

Or up to 2 4Ax
Another bow (3Bw) and a light horse (2LH):
And 2 cavalry (general)
This is definitely a bad-going oriented army, the 3 mounted elements give it some mobility for flanking, but it will need lots of terrain to have any success, especially against Mark's Kushites or Greeks. Unfortunately it is Agg 3 so will often fight in the opponents terrain choice. At least it is designed to kill elephants though.

I like the way it looks, but I think it will lose more often than it wins.


  1. They look great! I would never have the nards to paint in this pallette!

  2. Good work, Dave. When can we test their mettle?

  3. They debut at EDBAG next Tuesday.

    Bob, I picked up a whole pile of Vallejo pastels at Chaos Gaming clearout. Perfect excuse to give it a go.


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