Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back from the road

I just returned from a week long trip to Oslo and Paris for work. I brought some models and a dozen bottles of paint for something to do in the down time, and managed to do this small unit of old school halbardiers for my Empire army. The biggest problem with painting in a hotel room is finding good light, but these were very forgiving to paint.

I quite like them, I think they are from the BattleMasters set courtesy of Bob (which would be like 4th edition?) but after adding a shield design from the newer box set I think they look pretty spiff.


  1. Dave,

    Sweet...can't wait to meet these guys on the table. I've had a couple of games of 8th now and really like it (though I think I'm missing a number of rules).

  2. We're ready to take on your "fat frog" army, I'm at 2k now. Choose your date!

    Hard not to miss a few in a 528 page rulebook, mate.