Monday, August 2, 2010

Sucked in by 8th edition

So I picked up a copy of WHFB 8th edition, then shortly after negotiated the purchase of a collection of Empire models (having sold my Empire army a couple of years ago on ebay, doh!). There are probably 3k points of models in the collection, but I managed to get 1k together for test fight at the club tomorrow night painted mostly in Altdorf livery- here they are:

At the core are 20 old halbardiers with detachments of crossbow and swordsmen

6 Outriders:

Captain (general with 2H weapon) in front of the halbardiers, in the foreground is a small unit of archers (Stirland colours)

sword detachment:

Artillery and flagellants:
Warrior priest:
and princess:

Now, back to playtime:


  1. Damn, you got some of those guys painted up quick! Nice!

  2. I really like the old-school stuff, but still, probably only half of them on the table were painted by me, the rest are your work. The new state troops etc. are quite time-consuming. What's with all the scrolls? Nice models though.

    Looking forward to playing TKs tomorrow. Wear kevlar...

  3. Yeah, I see I'm going to facing a wee bit of shooting.

  4. Dave,

    Can't wait to get some lizards up in their faces!