Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More ECW

Today I knocked off the lifeguard cuirassiers of the Earl of Essex for Dave Sr. This is work I am doing in exchange for lead. I reckon Dave gets a pretty good deal since I paint one figure for each I receive in exchange. I wouldn't want to figure out how that works in terms of hourly wage...

They are Renegade, quite big, but they are very nice. So nice, I don't want to give them back to him...

Dave just needs to base them and hit them with some dullcote, and away we go.


  1. How did you do the flag?

  2. It's from the sheet in the Warlord Parliament cavalry box. I cut it out with scissors and use glue stick. If it was bigger I would sandwich some alumninum foil in between to allow it to be posed.