Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New ECW, DBA Campaign begins..

Over the last 10 days I have been knocking off some ECW stuff for Dave Senior in exchange for metal, so far I did a cavalry unit for him and am working on a greencoat infantry unit (Parliament), these are Foundry figs, a bit small and not as clean as some I have worked on...

Here are some Old Glory Highland cavalry I received in exchange, this is a really nice line of figs, great animation, lots of character, nice horses. I like the fella waving the pistol butt

I also painted a Warlord games Montrose figure that I quite like, I am leaning towards a Montrose-themed Scots army for myself

And some Warlord plastic ECW cavalry done as Scots lancers. Boy, these are great figs, I really like working with the plastics, they take paint so well and are easy to work with, convert, etc.

On another note, first turn of the 1066 DBA campaign kicked off and I ended up with one additional territory out of Mark's hide, but on balance Bob was the big winner after picking up 8 prestige points by some canny play and timely 6s. Not sure I would want to be the frontrunner so early on....

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