Thursday, November 11, 2010

13th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month...

We played a Great War scenario at Chaos Gaming today. I ran my Villers-Bretonneaux scenario of the first tank battle in history that occurred in the First World War. To make a 2h story short, the Germans won this time after using a left feint to hold down more than half of the Brits while the right wing, supported by accurate and timely mortar support, successfully stormed the British line.

In the early stages, the British tanks laid up behind their lines creep out of the forest to engage the attacking Germans, there are 2 MkIV females and one male:

The Germans advance from their starting line with support from one A7V:

The Germans pick their way through the wire, using shellholes as cover from the British rifles and Lewis gun nests:

They successfully assault the Lewis gun posts, charging in after using grenades to keep their heads down:

Mark managed to twice break is MkIV, leaving it immobilized behind his lines and unable to reach the left flank where the Germans swarmed into the trench. Looks despondent, doesn't he?


  1. Neat!

    What rules were you using?

  2. GW Great War. Worked fine, and I don't mind the bucket of dice at once, but there are too many rolls (hit, wound, save) for a largish scale game.

    Terry S and I recalled your Vimy game, have you had that out recently?

  3. I played a game of Contemptible Little Armies a month or so ago, but haven't had the Vimy stuff out for some time. I had originally planned on building sections of the ridge every couple years or so, so that by the 100th anniversary I'd be able to put on a MASSIVE game of the whole corps attack.

    A while back I got a little disenchanted with CLA and was looking for something else. Tried some different systems. Even re-based all my figures! I've come pack to CLA though, realizing that with proper scenario design and playing with the right people can make for a perfectly fun game. So do I re-base all the figures again... or just cast up and paint new ones... hmmmm...

    Earlier today I just came across the maps I had made of the ridge and thought I should get going on the next section for next year... we shall see..

  4. I understand the new version of CLA has a roll to convert hits to wounds step - much like warhammer-type games, which I think would slow down the game immensely! One of the things I really liked about the system is that it could handle pretty big actions - with a lot of figures - in a pretty short time!

  5. Tim, your Vimy game is one of the wargame experiences that anyone who plays will remember forever. For that reason, and as a Canadian and descendent of at least one WWI vet, I encourage you to continue with it.

    I picked up a copy of CLA in a lot last week and am looking forward to reading it. Vimy was the only time I've tried it.

    Rebasing is a killer though...surely there must be a way around that?

  6. What is with Mark and war machines?

  7. Perhaps he used all of his sixes on Tuesday? :)

  8. Bob, that was exactly what I thought.