Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bretonnians begin

I have made a start on my Bretonnians for WHFB. Like my Empire army, it will have a decidedly retro look. So far I have completed 40 peasant archers and Morgiana, the fay enchantress. Not exactly enough to make anyone quake yet, but the Grail Knights are next.

The archers are from an earlier edition, there are only two poses but I like that. I also like the way they look and feel...chunky:

The Fay Enchantress is a kick-ass magic user character mounted on a formidable steed. She points out around 500 so will not get on the field until the army reaches 2k or so. She has an amphibian familiar that Silvaron must be careful not to step on!


  1. Very exciting Dave! I started into WHFB with the lizardmen/brettonian edition and I will always have a fondness for those archers. I am a lizardman player so I have to see you as a mortal enemy, but I still love your minis! Keep on it!

  2. Nice stuff; I love those two archers!

  3. Thanks guys.

    One of my chums runs lizards, and I really look forward to matching up with them. I am shopping for a Green Knight to make that wild terrain all the more risky for him.