Thursday, March 17, 2011

Two more Covenanter regiments done

Over the last 10 days I finished a box of Warlord ECW infantry which I managed to stretch into two Covenanter regiments using some leftover command and pike bits. I am planning to use a modest figure density and either Black Powder or Impetus to do some ECW- Scotland theatre this year. Here are the units- 9 pike and two sleeves of 6 shot representing each regiment:

I also managed to witness what looked like a High Elf inaugural victory on turn 2 fizzle away to defeat by turn 5 after the gods of dice abandoned me. Key failures? Two consecutive leadership 9 test failures, followed by an improbable 18" charge that crushed my Dragon Princes, topped off by the failure of Eltharion to dispatch a measly Herald of Khorne when I was buffed by Beast of Horros and had the charge. Mathhammer gives me the clear nod on that one, with 7 S9 attacks, re-rolling misses, and no armour save he shouldn't have lived to strike, but I only netted one- on the reposte he hits with 2 killing blow 6s and I'm dead. Sigh.

Next up? Elven reinforcements for the rematch, not sure if I need to call on Teclis or chalk this one up to some bad dice....

Bonus Pic: working out the Mathhammer with my lovely assistant, Charley:


  1. Cool ECW Regiment, Jimmy! When do I get to play with them?

  2. I am working my way towards a scenario, probably Auldearn. Some more mounted to do, a unit of dragoons, and some more Irish pike and shot to go...

  3. Nice stuff; are you washing these or layering the paint for highlights?

    I have a bunch of these I got in trade--I think they could be used for 30YW when I get around to it.


  4. Thanks Bob, they are all layered except for flesh wash, I usually do an undercoat, shade and highlight.

    The Warlord stuff is really nice to paint.