Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Undead keep on coming!

Yesterday I ran my Vimeiro game at MayDay, unfortunately I forgot my camera. Dang!

My highlights at MayDay- first game of HOTT playing Bob's undead version of Teutoburger Wald went well for my team, no complaints here. My CC:N Vimeiro played well, although the more experienced team of participants won with both the British and French (12-6 on aggregate). My last session was DBA, where Seljuks played well enough to win 3 methinks but the cursed dice left us with a mid-table 1-1-1 record (yes a draw at 3G-3G with time elapsed) mostly due to poor pips. Unforgiving with a LH army.

But today I did finish a unit of Mantic Revenants, these were quite a bit more stylish and heavily armoured than the regular skellies, you can see the inlaid armour quite well. I will use these as Grave Guard in my Vampire Counts army:

I might get some characters done this week, but it will be short since I have a confererence on the weekend. Tuesday night is also the second night of our DBA Crusades campaign.


  1. These look fantastic Dave! I need to paint mine up as well. You and I must have very similar tactical minds as we have almost identical units... or they are just that common. I prefer to think we're tactical geniuses.

  2. I am pleased with these, and the way that the armour shows up with just drybrusing. I'm working through the Army Box, maybe you are too? That doesn't rule out coincident geniuses though.

    I am also waiting on 10 Revenant Cavalry to run as Black Knights. That should do about 2k with the characters.

  3. No army box for me. I got Revenants and Ghouls in a trade. I don't know why I keep putting off what is clearly a totally beastly unit in the Revenants (Grave Guard).


  4. The revenants go pretty quick, undercoat in black and drybrush the mail, then pick out the bones and cloth. Really easy, no need to put them off, I found them quite rewarding to paint.

    I only wish they came with great weapon options on the sprue.