Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I finished these 30 conservative party members last week (or are they liberals? Nope, they are just dead!) for my Vampire Counts army. I enjoyed doing them, even though there are only a limited number of body parts and attachements, there are countless ways to combine them.

SSSteevenn...where is my polling station....

The guy on the right here must be Ignatieff, he has clearly lost his head and cannot reattach it!

I plan to use these as reinforcements to be summoned by vampires and necromancers, ideally somewhere really inconvenient for my opponent. Like an urban riding where there is an even split between the NDP (Not Dead Party) and Liberals (freshly dead party).

Next up: Revenants and characters


  1. Very nice, they'll defiantly not get my vote though, although they're wearing a lot of red!!

  2. Great work! Very nicely done. I hope they eat many of your foes!

  3. I love the guys coming out of the ground. I wish, though, you'd made them more diverse with some ethnic "costumes" evidence in the back row.

    Will you be supporting this unit with fancy new fighters jets (engines sold separately)?