Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DBA Early Imperial Rome

I finally finished a Corvus Belli 15mm DBA army, this is the box set will all options. I also used a bit of FIW resin wooden pallisade as a camp.

Nice figs, good size, excellent detail, paint up well, lots of variety in the poses. On the downside, they were a complete bear to clean up, lots of flash.

Here are the Auxilia

The core of the legion, Blades

Cavalry, I usually prefer the cavalry general for mobility and he is harder to kill than a Blade


Not sure how they will fare, tonight Mark is bringing something over to test them against. It is probably a forgiving army to play because it is well balanced, but I think it is also vulnerable to mounted esp if they feature knights. I am also not 100% how to play the mandatory artillery, parked in the camp it keeps your rear safe, but it is tempting to try it out on the battlefield, especially if there are jumbos or tempting bows to shoot at.


  1. I have box of loverly CB EIR as well. Most flash I've seen since... ever.

    Smooth job Dave, I look forward to facing them down one day.


  2. Hey Sean, thanks for the Polemarch-Barker marker by the way. He's painted and was put in service last weekend.

    These figs are flash-ugly but worth the effort.