Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dark Ages over the holidays

I decided to work up some Saxons over the break for a game of Hail Caesar I plan to run in January. I had a box of these fyrd, so gave them a go:

They came out okay, I got better at constructing dynamic poses with practice, but to be honest I prefer my shieldwall at rest or on guard with spears held vertically and this pose was not possible with the available armatures. The detail also tends to be soft and shallow, they are not nearly as good as Perry, Warlord or GW plastics. On the bright side, there are lots of good bits on the sprues for future conversions (bows, shields, etc). Still, a very good value. I plan to do the remaining warriors as Norman liberi using the kite shields and helmet head options.

I also found some Old Glory Huscarls that are great, the OG dark age stuff is really good- lots of character and dynamic poses (sometimes a bit OTT, but on balance they are excellent value and paint up really well.


  1. I agree on the shield wall being a better formation--perhaps WF was thinking skirmish games? Old Glory are nice from this period.

  2. Dave, I like the wooden shields especially. What browns did you use for the planks?

  3. I really like the wood shields as well. They come out much better than most of my other shield efforts.

    I used black undercoat, dark chocolate brown shade, followed by English uniform base then finally earth brown highlight- all Vallejo.

  4. Cool. Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely give that a try.