Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 recap and plans for 2012

The first completed unit for 2012 is this block of 16 dark age warriors from Wargames Factory done in kite shields and with a spanish colour scheme. I plan to use these for Spanish foot for El Cid, and have LittleBigMan Studios El Cid banners on order, but they can also serve as Normal liberi in a pinch:

To recap 2011, I painted fewer models than in 2010 (~1,000 versus like ~1,800 in 2011), but there were more 28mm and generally of better quality (hence take more time). Probably the majority were ECW but there were quite a few Dark Age Spanish and Moors for El Cid, and also quite a few GW and Mantic fantasy stuff for WHFB. I played 63 games of DBA (35W-27L-1T) and learned that it is very difficult to win consistently with a light horse army. I also played 14 games of WHFB (12W-2L) using High Elves (unbeatable now I reckon) Brettonians and Vampire Counts.

I would like to play more WHFB and WAB next year if I can coax some of me mates to play more. Saga was another favourite this year, and I ran 4-5 games of Black Powder at the club too (Zulu War, ECW and Napoleonics). I am going to run Hail Caesar next week at the club using some dark age Anglo-Danes and Normans, looking forward to trying it out. I have become a big fan of Rick Priestly rules, I like the Gestalt and simplicity. I also have quite a bit more Western Desert picoarmour to paint up for BKC2, some nice new 1/72 from PSC to try out Kampfgruppe Normandy, and there is always another 15mm DBA army or two for a break.


  1. Nice highlights on the padded armour!

  2. Thanks, but it's sculpted very flat, I tried exaggerated highlighting plus sepia wash to try to bring it out. Still not sure whether it was better to just paint it metal and call it scalemail...

  3. There is definitely a stripy theme going on!