Thursday, February 23, 2012

ECW Parliament green regiment of foot

Over the last week I completed my third regiment of foot for my Parliament army. I need this unit and one more for my MayDay game. I decided to do these guys in hunter green tunics with buff facings because I like them. Not sure if there were any green coat regiments left by 1651, when New Model units were mostly in red coats, but who knows? These are yet more Warlord plastics, funny how I don't seem to get tired of assembling and painting them.

I think I have settled on running the battle of Inverkeithing (Covenanters vs New Model Parliament in 1651, following Dunbar) for my MayDay game using Warhammer ECW. I can do it a 1:20 or so figure scale.


  1. Nice job on the figures--they are lovely!

  2. Great work. Inverkeithing, Puritans vs Presbyterians? Sounds good? (I bet the pre-battle speeches weren't particularly inspiring though!)

  3. Yep, both sides run the risk not-so-helpful tactical advice from ministers!