Saturday, May 19, 2012


This week I finished a box of Zvezda Scythians (1/72) for the Greek-Persian Wars project. These were very nice figures, lots of detail, and took quite a bit of time to complete because they are irregular with quite a mixture of armour, armament and fabrics. They are based on 60mm frontages for DBx but plan to use them in Impetus with 2 elements per unit.

There are 4 stands of 3Cv noble cavalry

General's element

and 4 stands of LH, horse archers for Impetus, these guys are underrepresented in the box contents, I would have thought they should make up the bulk of a Scythian force.

Next up I have some Muslim 28mm cavalry in the pipeline, and then I might either prep some Thebans for the Greek-Persian Impetus project or something else for my 28mm HOTT army for our next EDBAG campaign now that I have a plan.


  1. I like the positioning of the light horse. I first saw that idea at FallCon. It really gives the impression that they are circling their foe and peppering them from a distance.

  2. They are posed in the act of the Parthian shot (feigned retreat, then the rider turns in the saddle and shoots the pursuer) it made sense to position them appropriately on the stand.