Sunday, January 13, 2013

Late Romans

First project of 2013 is a Late Roman army in 28mm starting with heavy infantray. These are Foundry, very nice sculpt by the Perrys, who are my favourite. Beautiful figs, just a joy to paint. I have another 2 units of unarmoured foot, and will likely order some archers and cavalry for my birthday later this month to round them out.

 I also experimented with some different basing materials, I used Woodland scenics ballast for the ground, cork for the rocks, and GW tufts for the grass bunches. I also based everything on 60mm frontages since they will be used for either WAC/WAB using casualty markers or element based games such as Dux Bellorum or DBA.


  1. I like your choice for basing. It is probably the most versatile way to do it, for ancients. Did you have a specific purpose/project in mind in painting them? (By the way, they look great.)

  2. Thanks guys!

    Mark, I usually start these things with WAB in mind, I intend for them to fight my Picts or maybe a Gothic army that I could cobble from various models. But there are a couple of options for element based rules that I like, not sure which, so I chose 60mm frontage because it is pretty flexible.

  3. They are looking really great friend! i'm doing a Dux project now, and choose also 60mm for basing, but what the depth of your bases? I'm between 20 or 30mm depth for foot and 40mm for mounted. Great Work again!