Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year

As 2012 closes, and the world didn't end, it's time to take a bit of stock of projects completed and ongoing. I painted just over 1200 figures and models this year, about half of which were 1/72 scale. In this scale I completed a Swedish army for Maurice, Greeks and Persians for Impetus, Napoleonics for Lasalle and CCN, and various WW2 for small unit games. Next abundant were 28s which are Ancients, Medievals and ECW. Completed projects included Reconquista Christians and Moors, Celts and Romans, and Scots and Parliament for ECW. A couple of DBA armies and WW2 micro/pico scale stands. 

2012 output:
pico - 25 stands
6mm - 35 vehicles, 100 infantry
15mm - 65 foot, 12 mounted
20mm - 534 foot, 104 mounted, 16 vehicles
28mm - 261 foot, 106 mounted, 1 giant
54mm - 16 foot
Total - 986 foot, 222 mounted, 51 vehicles, 25 stands of picoarmor & a giant

In 2013 I have plans to continue WW2 in all three scales (go figure.....must be nuts), 28mm Late Romans and enemies, more 1/72 Napoleonics, and I am hoping to do some Fantasy stuff for D&D with the kids when my Reaper Bones stuff arrives in the spring.

Gaming-wise, I played less DBA than in previous years partly because one of my best gaming chums moved away (boo!). Command and Colors will continue to be a favourite next year, and I have high hopes for War and Conquest to take the place of WAB. I also look forward to figuring out Maurice and perhaps some more Lasalle.

Later folks- best wishes and good luck for 2013


  1. My head is spinning...that's a lot of models!!!

  2. Even so...I think the unpainted pile experienced a net increase!

  3. Dave, what an accomplishment! Keep that up and you'll surpass Bob's record someday. Have a super new year!