Saturday, January 11, 2014

Warlord Auxilia

I finished a box of Warlord Games Roman Auxilia - these guys - in 28mm for my MayDay game.

Nice figures, really nice, but they are a bit over-animated for my taste which makes them hard to rank up. I based them on 30 x 60mm frontage so they can be used for DBA.

I am thinking of running a Dacian Wars battle for my big MayDay game. I have some Foundry and Warlord Dacians, as well as a horde of Sarmatian cavalry. My quandry is which ruleset to use - I picked up the Hail Caesar supplement over Christmas and it has some nice ideas for scenarios, and Hail Caesar is a good participation game for a Con. Although I prefer WAB ... I dunno...


  1. Great paint job Dave! I think WAB is more granular than Hail Caesar and I think it may depend on the size of the battle.

  2. Fabulous painting! The unit looks superb.