Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year, Comrades!

As the year wraps up I can recap what came off the bench this year, about 1500 figures (although quite a few of these are wee):

6mm: 90 foot, 67 vehicles - all WW2 and modern microarmor
10mm: 655 foot, 37 mounted - all Imperial Romans
15mm: 135 foot, 45 mounted, elephant - a couple of DBA armies
1/72: 225 foot, 47 mounted, 7 arty, 3 guns, 2 tanks - mostly Napoleonics and WW2
28mm: 193 foot, 57 mounted, 3 monsters, 2 chariots, gun - Some fantasy stuff for HOTT and ancients
Total: roughly 1500 figs - 1308 foot, 185 mounted, 86 other

I also managed to play 39 games of DBA with the following armies, and the dice were kind 31 times:

Early Achaemenid Persian: 2-0
Late Achaemenid Persian: 1-0
Abysinnians: 5-3
Early Imperial Roman: 8-1
Sassanid Persian: 2-0
Ancient Britons: 5-2
Teutonics: 5-1
Later Swiss: 1-1
Dacians: 1-0
Marian Rome: 1-0
New games I tried this year included Fireball Forward (a keeper), War and Conquest (meh - not sure if it tops WAB for me), Lasalle (good), Fistful of Tows (OK) and I played a lot of Command and Colors (Ancients and Napoleonics) and Memoir '44. 

Over the holidays I finished this batch of 1/72 Soviets for a 1941 scenario I think I will run using Fireball Forward at the next club night, the guns and infantry figs are from Plastic Soldier Company and are very good, the BT-7 and BA-6 are Pegasus, and the ruined building is a very nice Italeri kit that I picked up from chum Mark- nice!


Happy New Year from the boys (should have named them Jeff and Akbar...)


  1. Very pretty. Are the Soviets using a captured German oak 37 or is there some look-alike that I've forgotten (most WW2 kit has been dropped from RAM as I age)?

  2. These are some mighty fine painted figures and vehicles!

  3. It's looks very similar, I think the Sovs must have copied the carriage from the Germans - one gun is a M1937 45mm anti-tank gun, the other is an M1943 76mm infantry gun (same carriage, shorter barrel - crew in caps).

  4. Thanks! Love the early war stuff - I know that BTs and BAs were rubbish, but they look so cool.

  5. Well done Dave, WOW your 1500 figures even if they are wee, sure makes my paltry 150 lame. Ahh well maybe if I add yours, carry the 7 it will equal out.
    Looking forward to another year of grand gaming.

  6. James, the extra shells (spent and full) as well as ammo boxes come on the sprues in the Plastic Soldier Company gun kit. It's excellent value for modelling or gaming - 4 gun carriages each with 3 barrel options (45L, 45LL and 76).

    1. That makes things easier then. They have moved straight to the top of my "to-buy" list. Also, what have you used to base the guns? What have you used for the ground texture?

    2. These are based on round bases similar to the laser cut ones you can get from Minibits ( I use plain old tile grout to texture the base, paint it, then glue the painted figures directly on.

  7. Thanks Terry - my numbers are inflated by the 1/72 and 10mm stuff which is just blocked, highlighted and washed - quick and dirty. I would never be able to paint that many 28s.