Friday, March 28, 2014


I have a new long-term project - 28mm Sassanid Persians. I picked these up about a year ago in a lot on TMP - there are 60+ cavalry, 4 elephants, probably 50+ archers and levy, all by Foundry, A&A and Old Glory. Yeah - long term project. Maybe for MayDay 2015 if we have one.

Here are the first mounted - these are A & A models - they are almost complete as I am still waiting for LBM shield transfers for the bucklers and small round shields. But I think they are very nice figures. I decided to do them on 60mm frontages and probably in regiments with 4 bases per regiment in the same colour scheme. So here we have the start of 2 regiments.

I now have Persians in 4 scales....


  1. Yep - but I expect this will be the best looking army I have painted yet - nice contrast to Romans.