Sunday, March 16, 2014

Stuka and 88 for Bolt Action

Next week I will run another WW2 scenario using Bolt Action - these rules are simple and fun, easy to pick up and run at the club. I will run the Across the Meuse - Sedan scenario from the Skirmish Campaigns scenario book on the 1940 Meuse campaign. These books are generally excellent, and this one is simply outstanding.

For this scenario, I needed an 88 flak gun and Stuka support, as well as a bunch of bunkers for the French defenders. The 88 and Stuka are from Zvezda's new Art of Tactic range and are excellent, simple models. The bunkers I made from 6 of the many empty Minifigs clamshell packs kicking around with my reusable packing material. Hey - the price was right!

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