Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sassanid elephant division

Here we have four (!) Sassanid elephants - two from Aventine and two from Old Glory - along with a bunch of light foot archers and javelinmen. Getting close to having a very sizable and colourful Persian army to play with! The biggest challenge may be storage - these are big pachyderms.

In 2015 I painted a lot of lead - not sure if the pile actually shrank or not on balance, but here are the numbers:

1/600: 24 aircraft
10mm: 462 foot, 24 mounted, 9 guns, 2 wagons
15mm: 235 foot, 56 mounted, 4 chariots, 4 vehicles, 1 chopper
1/72: 329 foot, 18 mounted, 6 guns, 2 limbers, vehicle
28mm: 154 foot, 56 mounted, 1 dragon
6mm: 48 vehicles, 52 infantry
1/35: 1 tank
Total: 1333 foot, 154 mounted, 103 other

The large amount of 10mm were ACW, the 15mm stuff was mostly DBA, the 1/72 were Napoleonics and WW2, and the 28s mostly ancients/medievals.

In 2016 I plan to complete these Sassanids to play "To the Strongest", and would also like to try Team Yankee using my growing collection of modern microarmour. 


  1. Impressive numbers! Well done :)

  2. Cheers - although the little guys inflate the numbers!

  3. Wow: both the painting volume ad the elephants are impressive!