Saturday, January 9, 2016

Team Yankee in 1/285

Over the holidays I picked up a copy of the new Team Yankee rulebook from Battlefront. For those who don't know, this is the Cold War version of Flames of War intended for their own range of 15mm stuff, but in my opinion, vastly better suited for microarmour in terms of ground scale. I always wanted to like Flames of War because of the range of models, production value and popularity, but the rules always put me off for being clunky and full of special national characteristic rules which to me is just bad design. Team Yankee is a vast improvement on the FOW engine - it's considerably streamlined, sensible, has few special rules and exceptions, and might actually look like okay with 1/285 models in terms of ground scale.

So it has inspired me to paint up more modern microarmour, the game is set in 1985 when M1 Abrams tanks just arrived in Europe, historically painted in forest green at a time when most of the kit like M1092, M113s etc.. in theatre was still MERDC camo and prior to the transition to Nato tricolour:


  1. Yeah 1/285 makes way more sense for Moderns. Conveys the ground scale a lot better.

  2. Very interested in your thoughts. I'm looking for some post war rules on a scale similar to AK47 but with more room for different weapons.

    1. Hi David- TY is specifically designed for a narrow set of scenarios in Europe 1985 - it only has statistics for a few American and Soviet vehicles and units. Future expansions are intended to widen this, but it is not really a generic ruleset for Cold War or modern wargaming as it stands.

      I am not familiar with AK47, but in terms of game scale it is 1:1 (vehicles and teams per stand), formations manoeuver and function as platoons and it handles engagements at the company level to battalion level.