Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas loot and a bunch of other stuff

I aquired a bunch of pre-painted 15mm terrain for FOW and TY from Santa, including escarpments (bracketing three newly painted Stugs)

A terraced house and corner shop- a shout out to my chum Scott who I ran into at the Mission Fun and Games Boxing Day sale, this was where I snapped up the large houses. Scott - thanks for letting me slip into line with you! Hope you did as well as I did at the sale - these were 50% off.

a church

terraced house with a pair of newly painted 3d printed Tigers

corner shop with house

Interior detail of one of the houses

interior detail of the church

Interior detail of the corner shop

A pair of Tigers - 3d printed by my chum Clayton - passing the terraced house with interior detail shown

Rocky hill

Stug hiding in the rocky hill

Closer in - nicely detailed Battlfront plastic Stug and home-printed Tiger

And finally, a unit of painted Imperial Harquebusiers for chum Jonathan

Well, not quite finally I guess, I also acquired a box of Leopard 1s which I painted in gelbolive to match my ArmiesArmies C1s. The Battlefront Leps are the ones with aerials:

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