Sunday, September 16, 2018

Team Yankee Soviets and some more Afrika Korps

I completed near to the last 15mm Team Yankee stuff on the pile - some more Mi-24 Hinds, T-72s and some supporting units including artillery (Zvezda Gvozdika 122mm mobile artillery, also known as 2S1 Carnation) and anti-air (Shilkas also by Zvezda). I have a few Soviet infantry units and air support for NATO then this project is done!

And also some of the final touches on my FOW Afrika Korps - here are some PzIIs and softskins  obtained via courtesy of my good chum Tim from Saskatoon as well as a P-40 Warhawk for air support for my Yanks. Wow - the windows on these trucks look way too blue in these photos - will need to fix that...

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