Friday, September 28, 2018

Middle Earth, ECW and modern air support

I recently could not resist picking up the new Middle Earth Pelennor Fields box set from GW - I just loved those LOTR models and the Strategy Game was really very good. This new version binds all of the rules changes from the recent editions and the Hobbit, as well as releasing some models I have always coveted - specifically the Nazgul and a Mordor Troll. I haven't started on that stuff yet, but it inspired me to go through my remnants box and find the plastic Fellowship set which I painted as a warm-up. Here they are, needing no introductions:

I also have a considerable pile of ECW/TYW kits obtained in trade and barter from a pal, and I finally got to doing the box of Cuirassiers from Warlord for my Parliamentarians:

And finally, I picked up this 1:100 Harrier GR7 model from Revell at the local hobby store for my Team Yankee NATO forces. It was $12 - a box of two planes from Battlefront is upwards of $50 in my neck of the woods. It is a pre-painted snap-fit model (designed for kids) so it's underwhelming, I could repaint it but then I would need to get new decals. For the amount of time it will be on the table, I can live with it!

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