Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Afrika Korps support, modern Soviets and Harquebusiers

I've been remiss at updating my blog with completed stuff. Here we have some 15mm Flakwagens to help shield my tanks from Hurricane tank-busters:

A platoon of airmobile Soviet infantry with support weapons in 15mm for Team Yankee by PSC - these are good sculpts. In the background are a couple of scenic billboards produced by Battlefront. I have magnetized a variety of in period 1980s posters for them:

And a few Afrika Korp reinforcements, a couple more tanks from Zvezda and some prime movers for my 88s.

And finally, a unit of 28mm TYW Harquebusiers by Warlord who I will use a dragoons for my ECW armies. 


  1. Great flak wagons! And the magnetized posters are a great idea.

  2. You have been busy! These all look great, Dave!

  3. thanks guys - the magnetized posters were the only way to resolve my inner conflict of which poster to use - how could I choose between Devo and Back to the Future??