Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Bolt Action, 10mm MeG and more 20mm Naps

I have been pretty productive recently, cycling through 3 projects

A 28mm Tiger I for Bolt Action

A regiment of French line infantry in 20mm for Lasalle

28mm Bolt Action US Airborne "Screaming Eagles" - infantry and MG teams

10mm Arab Conquest cavalry

Another Napoleonic French regiment - 20mm light infantry from Newline 

Arab Conquest slingers for MeG in 10mm by Magister Militum

and a test stand of 10mm Old Glory javelinmen for the Thematic Byzantine


  1. You have been productive, Dave! These all look great. I especially like the 10mm army.

  2. Thanks J - the 10mm stuff is very quick to paint - especially when you decide that everybody wears the same colors! In this case, I wanted my Arab Conquest army to look uniform to reflect their discipline even if I know it is ahistorical. I also think it looks kind of cool and thematic.