Tuesday, January 12, 2021

More fun with contrast paints ... and welcome 2021

I have been fairly busy hobbying but unmotivated to post - not sure why that is. I find it useful to keep track of projects here and to occasionally share and hear from co-hobbyists. Somehow COVID makes everything a chore!

Anyhow - here is the assortment of stuff I have done over the past few weeks including the holidays. Almost everything done with contrast paints as I test them out:

More Mantic Clansmen:

Mantic Scarecrows:

Mantic Spectres:
Reaper townies

Assorted Reaper adventure figures:

Reaper big orcs and a bat covered tombstone:

Mantic Snow Trolls:

GW Dwarves

A Reaper worm
Mantic Butchers:

Mantic assorted Nightstalker figs:

I now have about a dozen or so contrast shades and have experimented with mixing them to get some of the intermediate shades for the Nightstalkers. I think they work pretty well on figs that have a lot of rough textures, not so great on smooth surfaces.


  1. WOW thats quite the output Dave! Impressive indeed!

  2. Tks! Now if I could just play with some of it....!

  3. Dave, you're doing both a nightstalker army and a northern alliance army?

  4. I picked up the starter box sets for both KoW 3rd and Vanguard, so one thing led to another, and here we are. I am closer to having a Northern Alliance KoW army than a Nightstalker one though.

    1. At least we have time to paint these armies right now. Too bad it'll still be a while before we can play with them.