Saturday, March 6, 2010


Got started on the French this week, starting with this set of line infantry from Hat:

It is superb, really great raised detail, 100 figs in the box with perfect proprotions of grenadiers, fusiliers and voltigeurs to do 4 large battalions of 24 figs, including drummer, nco and officer. They are a very soft and rubbery plastic with takes paint very well but also holds a lot of detail that is very easy to pick out. Here are some shots:

I completed 48 of them this week, I think they are probably the best 1/72 I have ever worked with. The sculpter who does this range for Hat is brilliant, I really like the oversized detail, they look like metals when painted, and the soft plastic takes paint very well and has little flash. OK, they are a bit too tidy and well-equipped for 1815, but frankly I want my toy soldier to look sharp on the table.

Some way to go just yet, next up more fusiliers, voltigeurs then maybe some infantry in greatcoats and Legeres.


  1. Nice job. When I saw that box on Mark's blog I thought that was a pretty heads-up move by HaT. A perfect wargamer purchase! Your productivity is amazing! Have you subcontracted some of the basic steps (priming, glueing) to the girls and their classmates?

  2. I only wish...the girls just aren't paying off yet. Maybe if I did a little pony army?

    Yeah, Hat are really well geared to the wargamer market. I give the nod to Zvezda for detail, but for wargaming utility Hat are tops.

  3. If I had one wish, it would be that Hat would include casualties. One of the only good things about Airfix.

  4. Nothing a lighter and a hammer couldn't fix; maybe this is how to introduce the girls to gaming?