Monday, March 29, 2010

Where've you been?

Not much in the way of gaming recently, apart from a couple of games of DBA on the weekend with Bob in which my beloved but mercurial Sassanids won one and lost one against Romano-Britons (kind of like a proto-Crusader match-up).

The 1/72 Napoleonic project continues to progress, I now have completed all of the French infantry in my posession including 6 battalions of regular line (Hat):

Some 4 battalions of Young Guard (Hat again):

Some Light infantry (1 battalion, Hat):

and some cavlary, which include a regiment of dragoons (Italeri, very nice):

A regiment of chasseurs cheval (Italeri again, okay but slightly gigantic):

And of course, a regiment of curassiers (Italeri, not bad, bit small):

I am working on artillery and commanders for the French now, and will have enough painted to play a small scenario in Black Powder or Lasalle. I like both of these rules, Black Powder because it looks like fun, and Lasalle because I think it is very well thought out and innovative. I really like Sam Mustafa's work.

Next up: arty and commanders, and next week the final battle against the dreaded Normans. I will have to work on a new strategem since Scotty has been taking it to me the last few times. It will involve a lot of pointed sticks, and maybe some extra Viking mercs if we can afford them...

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