Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spartans for DBA or HOTT

I just finished a 1/72 Spartan army for DBA or HOTT. I could not resist the well-sculpted Caesar models, and I have always had a soft spot for hoplite armies, and Sparta in particular. I used some VeniVidiVice shield transfers and a couple of special additions for HOTT elements and away we go:

All elements arrayed

The army includes the following elements:

Psiloi (DBA) or shooters (HOTT) by Zvezda

Single base of auxilia (DBA) or warband (HOTT) (i.e. light hoplites)

Up to 10 elements of ubiquitous spear

Hoo-haa! The hero Leonidas in the background...

Leonidas (HOTT hero), standing and gesticulating in defiance of the gods and anyone else who wants to have a go. The columns are wooden dowel pegs from Ikea.

The "evil flying pony" (HOTT flyer), my daughters were hoping this guy would end up in pink..

The obligatory, ill-tempered, Lacedaemonian Cyclops (HOTT behemoth)
Our strategos (Spear General)
Next up: I dunno. I might tackle my 15mm Achaemenids, or perhaps work on ECW a bit.


  1. Nice! Which playset did you pinch the my-little-pony from? Daphne will be some upset if he dies in battle.

  2. No such luck, he's a $5 RAFM pegasus.

  3. Very nice Dave! I see you have some HaT hoplites too. What did you use for spears?

  4. Well spotted, there are about a dozen Hat guys in there. I used florist wire, cut to length, flatten the ends with pliers and clip to shape.

  5. That's a great looking army, Dave!

    I wish I could get my 1/7s plastics to look so nice!?

  6. One thing that helps me with 1/72 is to use a very dilute blackwash with 50% future over the white rustoleum plastic primer undercoat. It leaves folds and recesses black (future acts as a flow enhancer) but the raised areas white, then I just pick out the raised areas then highlight. The tricky part is that the detail is not deep like metals, so the wash helps to bring it out. It also helps me see the detail when I paint it.

    Plus, Caesar and Zvezda have very nice detail and animated poses, 1/72 has come a long way.