Monday, December 27, 2010

Reinforcements and new stuff

I managed to get some painting done over the first part of the holidays, finishing off another unit of old school Knights of the Realm. I kept the liveries simple, unlike the higher level knights, but tried to maximize the diversity of colours:

The standard bearer is an old metal Errant Knight who fits in just fine:

The musician is a conversion from Empire knightly orders parts, in this case the horn blower would have to remember to raise his visor before sounding the charge:

These two are my favourite heraldry/colour combinations, the last knight is a lovely lavender (Sir Poof?) that doesn't quite come out under the camera:

This year Santa blew my Christmas allowance mostly at the GW store. My WHFB armies have so far been constructed entirely from older models obtained by barter or very cheaply in lots on Bartertown, so this is an indulgence I rarely allow myself. Santa brought me the new WHFB box set. I plan to do the High Elves for WHFB, and will combine the models in here with some old archers and spearmen I got from Bob, plus the Phoenix Guard box that arrived under the tree. The sticker shock on these guys is just silly (10 plastic models for $49!), but they are simply beautiful. The skaven models in the box set are interesting, I was going to see if I could trade them but I think I will keep them and do a HOTT army of ratmen. the composition and model number are perfect for a cool and diverse HOTT army. Also in here are a Citadel game mat and some blisters of reinforcements to finish off my Bretonnians, including a lord with great weapon (to lead my Questing Knights), a blister of damsels (much needed magic-bint support) and some Pegasus Knights, fluffy but very pretty and fun to play with.

Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. Nice stuff! i look forward to your ratmen!

  2. Great post! Looks like your gonna be very busy in the months to come.

  3. I got a bunch of Bretonnians for Christmas and look forward to fielding my army soon! Glad to see your got such great stuff... the IOB box is stupid good I think.