Sunday, February 13, 2011

Island of Blood Elves completed

This week I finished off the IoB High Elves, the remaining elements were the swordmasters:

The swordmasters are formidable (2 attacks with great weapons that always strike first) but fragile, T3 with heavy armour.

There is also a prince of griffon who I might run as Eltharion on Stormwing, a formidable heroic warrior with spellcasting to boot:

In other news, I managed to lose 4 games of DBA this week, 3 losses came after my general went down in an even fight (4:4) which can only happen if I roll a 1 to my oppenents 6. THREE TIMES it happened. I am a population geneticist, I do math and probability for a living, and I can tell you it's pretty goddam unlikely...the only scientific explanation must be that I need new dice.

Next up: Dragon Princes


  1. Lovely eagle; I like the colours. I would have lamed out and done brown throughout and missed the cool effect you get with the set of white feathers. Very nice touch.

  2. I hear you about the dice. Between Warhammer and CCN my dice are shite.

  3. The griffon looks much better a bit farther away, I find feathers very difficult to get right.

    Scott, we should have a dice swap.

  4. Yeah, I could part with my blue dice cube, the thing's given me nothing but bad luck.

  5. Great High Elves. My friend became enamored with this game due to those Elves. I hate swordmasters, there is no effective way to face them.