Sunday, February 6, 2011

More High Elves

Some progress on the Island of Blood High Elves this week, I finished the Lothern Sea Guard and the Mage. Very nice models, quite time-consuming to paint

I also managed a game pitting my Brets against Daemons of Chaos at Scott's place on Saturday. I played an army featuring the Fay Enchantress who had a good day. By the end of turn 2 my pegasus knights buffed by flesh to stone had destroyed a unit of flamers, a tzeentch mage and a unit of bloodletters, plus the lady inflicted dwellers below on a unit of horrors.

Now working on a Mighty Empires campaign map and the next batch of IOB elves.


  1. NIce scepter (or staff or whatever)--lots of fiddly stuff to pain ton those elves. But they are no questing knights!

  2. They are VERY fiddly, at least with most of the Brets I could use transfers for heraldry, here the standards and shields all have intricate raised detail. But on these guys least all of the detail is crystal clear and you know what it is.

    Like the models or not, GW really are the dog bollocks with their sculpting and production standards.

  3. Yeah, they look great. And I really appreciate the raised detail on the high elf shields.