Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some more 1/72 bits for Vimeiro

I added a new element to my blog- the for trade and sale pages on the bar at the left. Here I will periodically put up stuff that I want to turn into something else to play with. First up are my 28mm Naps (nice, but I prefer 1/72- HERESY!!!) and Empire WHFB gun line army (formidable, but not suited to my aggressive play style). More to come later, we'll see how it goes with this stuff first.

This week I put the finishing touches on my 1/72 armies for my MayDay game which will be the Command and Colours: Napoleonics Vimeiro scenario done in 1/72 using one base per block. It's quite a few figs, perhaps 250 per side.

The last units were a second unit regiment of French Chasseurs Cheval (Italeri) which are okay, but I find a little big, over-animated, and I had to use the standard bearer to make up the numbers after cutting the sabre off of an elite company trooper. French cavalry normally left their eagles at home, especially lights. But they'll do, at least the flag makes it clear that they are French!

I also did 5 bases of Italeri British 1815 infantry for my light infanty unit. These figs are supposed to represent the 28th (yellow facings) but I am using them to represent elements of the 43rd which were part of the Light Division in the Peninsula (white facings) and fought at Vimeiro. These are good figs:

Up next: Some more elves methinks, or maybe that Egyptian DBA army....