Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mantic Ghouls

Just finished 20 Mantic ghouls, like Art warned they are a bit tricky to rank up, but the poses are very animated. Considering there are only 2 upper and lower bodies and 3 heads on the sprue, it is possible to make quite a range of poses by varying the combinations of parts and posing them at different angles and attitudes. There are also clever, dagger and Freddy Kruger hands to swap for more variety:

I will probably run these as 2 units of 10 in my Vampire Counts army, serving a role as throw-away flankers for larger blocks of skellies.

Next: Zombies


  1. They look fantastic! Mebbe I should do the same tactic you're planning as I'm having a hard time using my effectively. Let me know how it turns out.

  2. I was plannings to run skellies and revenants (i.e. grave guard and black knights) as my frontline units with characters, ghouls are flankers, partly because I seemed to recall that they can't be joined by characters- but now I can't find that rule, am I imagining it?

    Anyhow, with 2 poised attacks per model and T4 and better Ld, they are a more combat effective than other core on their own. Running them in small units maximizes the number of models in direct contact with 2 attack. But have you tried running them as a horde, or in medium sized units?