Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bondi and Spartans

Here we have a unit of Viking bondi (Crusader 28mm with LBM shield transfers) for my Saga Warband. Nice models, and the LBM shield transfers are superb.

And also a large batch of Zvezda Spartans done in red and bronze. There are 9 stands here (4 figs on 60 x 20 bases) that will factor into a big Greek-Persian Wars battle I am working towards later in the year. Not bad for 1/72 plastic.

Next, some hirdmen waiting for painting, and I might start on some 1/72 Persians.


  1. Nice stuff; the raised shield details are great!

  2. Blessing and a curse. I can't paint shield designs, so it's a blessing, but it also means I can't use shield transfers for colour and variety, so it's constraint at the same time.